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Our Policies and Beliefs

Privacy Policy

We at Glenavon Junior Football Club take your privacy very seriously.

This privacy notice sets out how we use and look after the personal information we collect from you. We are the data controller, responsible for the processing of any personal data you give us. We take reasonable care to keep your information secure and to prevent any unauthorised access to or use of it. 

What personal data we hold on you

Personal data means any information about an individual from which that individual can be identified. We collect, use, store and transfer some personal data of our participants (and their parents or guardians), and other Club members.

You provide information about yourself when you register with the Club, and by filling in forms at an event or online, or by corresponding with us by phone, email or otherwise.

The information you give us may include your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, gender and the contact details of a third party in case of emergency. We may also ask for relevant health information, which is classed as special category personal data, for the purpose of your health, wellbeing, welfare and safeguarding. Where we hold this data, it will be with the explicit consent or the participant or, if applicable, the participant’s parent or guardian. 

Where we need to collect personal data to fulfil Club responsibilities and you do not provide that data, we may not be able to honour or administer your membership. 

Why we need your personal data

We will only use personal data for any purpose for which it has been specifically provided. 

The reason we need participants’’ and members’ personal data is to be able to run the football club and arrange matches; to administer memberships and provide the membership services you are signing up to when you register with the club. Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is that we have a contractual obligation to you as a participant or member to provide the services you are registering for.

We have set out below, in a table format, a description of all the ways we plan to use your personal data, and which of the legal bases we rely on to so. We have also identified what our legitimate interests are where appropriate. 

Purpose / Processing Activity

Lawful Basis for processing under Article 6 of the GDPR

Sharing data with committee members to provide information about club activities, membership renewals or invition to social events The club has a legitimate interest to run the organisation efficiently and as it sees fit. Provision of some third party services is for the benefit of the Club, participants and its members Sharing anonymised data with a funding partner as condition of grant funding e.g local authority.

The club has a legitimate interest to run the organisation efficiently and as it sees fit. Application for funding is a purpose that benefits the Club, participants and its members

Publishing match and league results

Consent. We will only publish your personal data in a public domain, including images and names, if you have given permission for us to do so.

Who we share your personal data with

 When you become a member of the Club, your information, if you are a coach or volunteer will be or if you are another participant may be ( depending upon which league(s) your team plays in) entered onto the Whole Game System database, which is administered by the FA. We also pass your information to the County FA and to leagues to register participants and the team for matches, tournaments or other events, and for affiliation purposes.

 We may share your personal data with selected third parties, suppliers and sub-contractors such as referees, coaches or match organisers. Third party services will only process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions. 

 We may disclose your personal data to third parties to comply with a legal obligation; or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our participants, members or affiliates, or others. 

 The Club’s data processing may require your personal information to be transferred outside of the UK. Where the club does transfer your personal data overseas it is with the sufficient appropriate safeguards in place to ensure the security of that personal data. 


Protection of your personal data

 We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed.

How long we hold your personal data

 We keep personal data on our participants and members while they continue to be a participant or member or otherwise actively involved with the Club. We will delete this data at the end of the season, after a participant or member has left or otherwise ended their membership or affiliation, or sooner if specifically requested and we are able to do so. We may need to retain some personal data for longer for legal or regulatory purposes. The personal data that is stored on Whole Game System is subject to their privacy policy, so we advise you review that policy together with this notice. If you would like your personal data to be deleted from Whole Game System, then please contact them.


Your rights regarding your personal data

As a data subject you may have the right at any time to request access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data, including direct marketing; to the portability of your personal data and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data. 

 As a data subject you are not obliged to share your personal data with the Club. If you choose not to share your personal data with us, we may not register or administer your membership. 

 We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time and will inform you to any changes in how we handle your personal data. 

 If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, then please contact the Club Welfare Officer 

Code Of Conduct

These guidelines are intended to ensure that all club members maintain a high standard of behaviour both on and off the field of play whilst representing Glenavon Junior Football Club.


 1.   All players are required to act within the spirit of the game and abide by the laws of the game.

2.   Violent play and foul language WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

3.   Bullying/intimidation or theft WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

4.   The decisions of the match official(s) will not be questioned, even if you don’t agree with them – we all make mistakes. 

5.   Players should thank the match official(s) after the game – without them we cannot play at all.

6.   Players should shake hands with their opponents before leaving the field of play regardless of the score.

7.   Shin pads must be worn both at training sessions and matches. The player’s socks MUST cover their shin pads; the socks are to be suitably tied up.

8.   Be punctual for all coaching/training sessions and all matches.

9.   Inform your team manager/coach as soon as possible if you cannot attend a coaching/training session or are unavailable for matches whatever the reason.

10. Take pride in your appearance ensure your boots are clean, correctly laced and that your studs are in good condition and DO NOT present a danger to other players.

11. Failing to prepare before any coaching/training session or match is preparing to fail.  

12. Bring a water bottle to coaching/training sessions and matches.

13. Let us leave a favorable impression on our opponents. Players should show respect for their own and other people’s property. Try to leave the changing rooms in good order.



 1.   The club and team managers are held responsible for the behaviour of players and spectators before, during and after the game. The club will be disciplined by Cheshire County F.A or the Wallasey Junior League for any incidents that involve players and/or spectators.

2.   The decision of the match official(s) must not be questioned. 

3.   Parents and spectators must not become involved in arguments with match officials, opposing players or their supporters.

4.   It is especially important for spectators to stay off the field of play during a game.

5.   All disputes regarding the behavior of match official(s) or the opposing players and their spectators will be the responsibility of the team manager who will follow official procedures for the registration of the complaint.

6.   We hope that all players and spectators will appreciate skill and effort from both teams, irrespective of the result.

7.   Encourage the team from the touchline but please keep quiet about any mistakes that are made. Leave any coaching to the manager – it is more efficient and less confusing for the players.

8.   All players, parents and spectators should try to minimize any nuisance to residents in the vicinity of the matches e.g. excessive noise, inconsiderate parking of cars etc.




1.          Endeavour to keep your knowledge and experience up to date.

2.          Be a member of the F.A. coaching association.

3.          Be qualified in coaching and first aid.

4.          Be dressed appropriately.

5.          Be approachable.

6.          Be punctual for training sessions and match games.

7.          Be a role model, not drinking/smoking in charge of children.

8.          Encourage fair play and good behaviour.

9.          Discourage unfair play and bad behaviour.

10.       Be enthusiastic.

11.       Be patient and organised.

12.       Abide by the rules of the game/Cheshire County F.A and those set out by the League.

13.       Be observant, know your players.

14.       Be able to diagnose and understand your players’ feelings.

15.       Be a good communicator/demonstrator.

16.       Possess an open and inquiring mind.


At all times try and develop the child, not just the footballer.



 As stated, the match official(s) has the power to report players/managers or spectators to Cheshire County F.A.

Any individual reported to the F.A will be expected to pay all associated fines.

 REMEMBER F.A. Rule 25 makes every club responsible for the conduct of the players, officials, spectators and followers before, during and after each game. Failure to do so will result in those being charged by the County F.A. with misconduct and the club with failing to control the parties reported.


At Glenavon JFC we treat the safeguarding and welfare of our players, their families and anyone else we come into contact as our top priority.

We have a team of four welfare officers. They are all volunteers however, they all work within services providing safeguarding, healthcare or public services as their full time jobs.

Our clubs welfare officers are Tony Williams, Mike Wallace, Joe Duckworth and Ruth Johnson.

We strive to protect our children from harm as in order to do this effectively, we will share information with local safeguarding agencies when and where required via the local authority designated officer policy.

Furthermore, Glenavon JFC have structured our policies so they fall in line with the FA's safeguarding policies. More information regarding this can be found here:

We have a number of mandatory and non-negotiable requirements that we expect all our coaches and anyone else involved in looking after our youth players to adhere to. Some of which are:

 ·        To undertake and pass an enhanced DBS check. Renewing this every 3 years.

·        To complete the FA's safeguarding children training every year

Furthermore, we expect at least one coach from each team to have completed the yearly first aid qualification however, we encourage all coaches to complete this training.

If you are aware of coaches within the club who don’t have a valid DBS, do not hesitate to contact the club direct via our contact page.

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